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Make Keyword Research Great Again

Make Keyword Research Great Again Beware what you type into a search box. Ranking for the right keywords is the main factor that brings more users to your site. But how can you know which keywords are actually right for your website? The answer is simple – Keyword Research (KR). The Continue Reading

The Elephate Style Guide

The Elephate Style Guide Since the publication of “Style Guides, Newsrooms & Deadlines: Delivering Content at Elephate” many people have reached out for access to Elephate’s official Style Guide. Never one to disappoint an audience (they don’t call us “the Best Small SEO Agency” for nothing!), we are posting our Continue Reading

The TF*IDF Algorithm Explained

The TF*IDF Algorithm Explained Google has already been using TF*IDF (or TF-IDF, TFIDF, TF.IDF, Artist formerly known as Prince) as a ranking factor for your content for a long time, as the search engine seems to focus more on term frequency rather than on counting keywords. While the visual complexity Continue Reading