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Compiled or Bust?

Whilst I will have mixed emotions toward LINQ to SQL, we’ve got had nice luck with it on Stack Overflow. That is why I used to be surprised to read the following: In case you are development an ASP.NET internet software that is going to get 1000’s of hits in Continue Reading

Markov and You

In Finally, a Definition of Programming I Can Actually Understand I marvelled at particularly strange and wonderful comment left on this blog. Some commenters wondered if that comment was generated through Markov chains. I considered that, but I had a hard time imagining a text corpus input that could possibly Continue Reading

Welcome Once more Comments

I express regret for the lack of updates in recent years. There have been two problems in one of the best ways: Continuing fallout from International Backup Awareness Day, which meant all updates to Coding Horror from that point onward had been hand-edited text knowledge. Which, consider me, isn’t almost Continue Reading

The Non-Programming Programmer

I to find it tough to imagine, however the reviews stay pouring in by way of Twitter and electronic mail: many applicants who display up for programming process interviews cannot program. In any respect. Imagine this contemporary electronic mail from Mike Lin: The thing Why Can’t Programmers… Program? modified the Continue Reading

A Democracy of Netbooks

As a very long time reader of Joey DeVilla's very good weblog, Global Nerdy, I take exception to his submit Fast Food, Apple Pies, and Why Netbooks Suck: The result, to my thoughts, is a tool that occupies an uncomfortable, heart flooring between laptops and smartphones that tries to delight Continue Reading

Microformats: Boon or Bane?

I lately added microformat reinforce to the loose public CVs at careers.stackoverflow.com by way of standard call for. Designed for people first and machines 2d, microformats are a collection of straightforward, open information codecs constructed upon current and broadly followed requirements. The official microformat "elevator pitch" tells us not anything Continue Reading

Parsing Html The Cthulhu Way

Among programmers of any experience, it is generally regarded as A Bad Ideatm to attempt to parse HTML with regular expressions. How bad of an idea? It apparently drove one Stack Overflow user to the brink of madness: You can’t parse [X]HTML with regex. Because HTML can’t be parsed by Continue Reading