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The Non-Programming Programmer

I to find it tough to imagine, however the reviews stay pouring in by way of Twitter and electronic mail: many applicants who display up for programming process interviews cannot program. In any respect. Imagine this contemporary electronic mail from Mike Lin:

The thing Why Can’t Programmers… Program? modified the best way I did interviews. I used to guide off through constructing rapport. That proved to be too time-consuming when, as you discussed, the majority of applicants had been merely non-technical. So I began main off with technical questions. First progressing from simple to exhausting questions. Then I realized I known the rejects sooner if I went the opposite direction – exhausting questions first – as long as the exhausting questions had been nonetheless within the “if you do not know this then you’ll be able to’t paintings right here” class. Maximum of my interviews nonetheless took about twenty mins, as a result of difficult questions take a little time to reply to and overview. But it surely used to be a large development over the rapport-building means; and it might be accomplished over the telephone.

After studying your article, I began doing code interviews over the telephone, the use of internet conferences. My interview instances had been right down to about 15 mins every to spot individuals who simply cannot code— the overwhelming majority.

I wrote that article in 2007, and I’m shocked, however no longer solely stunned, to listen to that 3 years later “the overwhelming majority” of so-called programmers who observe for a programming process interview are not able to jot down the smallest of techniques. To be transparent, exhausting is a relative time period — we aren’t speaking about difficult, Google-style graduate laptop science interview issues. That is extremely simple stuff we are asking applicants to do. And they may be able to’t. It is the an identical of making an attempt to rent a truck motive force and studying that 90 p.c of the process candidates cannot to find the fuel pedal or the equipment shift.

I agree, it is insane. But it surely occurs each day, and is (it sounds as if) a pandemic hiring drawback in our {industry}.

You must get to the straightforward technical interview questions right away to display out the legions of non-programming programmers. Screening over the telephone is a smart selection, as I have famous earlier than. However screening over the web is even higher, and arguably extra herbal for code.

I nonetheless wasn’t super-happy with having to start out up the internet assembly and making those guys percentage their desktops with me. I looked for different appropriate equipment for doing brief “pen-and-paper” genre coding interviews over the internet, however I could not to find any. So I did what any self-respecting programmer would do. I wrote one.

Guy, used to be it price it! I time table my preliminary technical screenings with process candidates in 15-minute blocks. I am typically accomplished in 5-10 mins, unfortunately. I time table a real interview with them if they may be able to no less than write easy a 10-line program. That does not occur ceaselessly, however no less than I do not have to waste lots of time anymore.

Mike provides a disclaimer that his homegrown coding interview instrument is not supposed to sing their own praises his coding prowess. He wanted a device, so he wrote one — and thoughtfully shared it with us. There may smartly be others in the market; what on-line equipment do you utilize to display programmers?

3 years later, I am nonetheless questioning: why do individuals who cannot write a easy program even entertain the theory they may be able to get jobs as running programmers? Obviously, a few of them should be succeeding. Which means that our industry-wide interviewing requirements for programmers are woefully insufficient, and that is the reason a shame. It is degrading to each running programmer.

No less than dangerous programmers can be trained; non-programming programmers aren’t handiest hopeless but additionally cheapen the careers of everybody round them. They should be eliminated, beginning with easy technical programming assessments that are meant to be part of each programmer interview.


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