Preserving Our Digital Pre-History

I’ve spent a significant part of my life online. Not just on the internet, I mean, but on modems and early, primitive online communities. Today’s internet is everything we couldn’t have possibly dared to imagine twenty-five years ago, but there is a real risk of these early, tentative digital artifacts Continue Reading

The IPS LCD Revolution

When I wrote about TN LCD panels 5 years ago, I considered them acceptable, despite their overall mediocrity, mostly due to the massive price difference. Unfortunately, the vast majority of LCDs on the market now are TN. You can opt to pay a little bit more for one of the Continue Reading

The PHP Singularity

Look at this incredible thing Ian Baker created. Look at it! What you’re seeing is not Photoshopped. This is an actual photo of a real world, honest to God double-clawed hammer. Such a thing exists. Isn’t that amazing? And also, perhaps, a little disturbing? That wondrous hammer is a delightful Continue Reading