What is Trolling?

If you engage in discussion on the Internet long enough, you’re bound to encounter it: someone calling someone else a troll. The common interpretation of Troll is the Grimms’ Fairy Tales, Lord of the Rings, "hangs out under a bridge" type of troll. Thus, a troll is someone who exists Continue Reading

I Tried VR and It Was Just OK

It’s been about a year and a half since I wrote The Road to VR, and a … few … things have happened since then. Facebook bought Oculus for a skadillion dollars I have to continually read thinkpieces describing how the mere act of strapping a VR headset on your Continue Reading

The Scooter Computer

When we initially deployed our handbuilt colocated servers for Discourse in 2013, I needed a way to provide an isolated VPN channel in for secure remote access and troubleshooting. Rather than dedicate a whole server to this task, I purchased the inexpensive, open source firmware friendly Asus RT-N16 router, flashed Continue Reading

x86 Uber Alles

I assume John Gruber isn't as savvy as he thought he was: Apple Announces Switch to Intel Chips After seeing NT slowly shed its MIPS, Alpha, and PPC versions, it’s important to surprise: will our youngsters be the use of architectures that emulate some type of x86? Even with a Continue Reading

The Evolution of eInk

Positive, smartphones and capsules get the entire press, and deservedly so. However if you happen to position the unique mainstream eInk tool from 2007, the Amazon Kindle, aspect by way of aspect with nowadays’s style, the evolution of eInk gadgets is simply as putting. Each and every of those gadgets Continue Reading

Circulation and GDPR

As a company who has consumers positioned throughout the Eu Union (EU), the Basic Knowledge Coverage Legislation (GDPR) is crucial matter for us right here at Stream. The GDPR is a law through which the Eu govt has supposed to improve and unify information coverage for all folks throughout the Continue Reading