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Responsible Open Source Code Parenting

I’m a big fan of John Gruber’s Markdown. When it comes to humane markup languages for the web, I don’t think anyone’s quite nailed it like Mr. Gruber. His philosophy was clear from the outset: Markdown is intended to be as easy-to-read and easy-to-write as is feasible. Readability, however, is Continue Reading

International Backup Awareness Day

You may notice that commenting is currently disabled, and many old Coding Horror posts are missing images. That’s because, sometime early on Friday, the server this blog is hosted on suffered catastrophic data loss. Here’s what happened: The server experienced routine hard drive failure. Because of the hard drive failure, Continue Reading

Microformats: Boon or Bane?

I recently added microformat support to the free public CVs at by popular demand. Designed for humans first and machines second, microformats are a set of simple, open data formats built upon existing and widely adopted standards. The official microformat "elevator pitch" tells us nothing useful. That's not a Continue Reading

Version 1 Sucks, But Ship It Anyway

I’ve been unhappy with every single piece of software I’ve ever released. Partly because, like many software developers, I’m a perfectionist. And then, there are inevitably … problems: The schedule was too aggressive and too short. We need more time! We ran into unforeseen technical problems that forced us to Continue Reading

Buy Bad Code Offsets Today!

Let's face it: we all write bad code. But not every programmer does something about the bad code they're polluting the world with, day in and day out. There's a whole universe of possibilities: Follow the instructions on the paint can Become a software apprentice Get a coding buddy Practice Continue Reading

Parsing Html The Cthulhu Way

Among programmers of any experience, it is generally regarded as A Bad Ideatm to attempt to parse HTML with regular expressions. How bad of an idea? It apparently drove one Stack Overflow user to the brink of madness: You can’t parse [X]HTML with regex. Because HTML can’t be parsed by Continue Reading

Whitespace: The Silent Killer

Ever have one of those days where everything you check into source control is wrong? Also, how exactly is that day is different from any other? But seriously. Code that is visible is code that can be wrong. No surprise there. But did you know that even the code you Continue Reading

Preserving Our Digital Pre-History

I’ve spent a significant part of my life online. Not just on the internet, I mean, but on modems and early, primitive online communities. Today’s internet is everything we couldn’t have possibly dared to imagine twenty-five years ago, but there is a real risk of these early, tentative digital artifacts Continue Reading